Over night shifts: problem with "daily recod report"

Hi to all.
I run a bar coffe & icecream place with 10/12 employees, none of my employees have a fixed shift, but they all work rotating shifts during the opening period of the restaurant (from 7:00 to 01:00).
That’'s why I decided to adopt a “No Shift Time Attendance” configuration in CrossChex standard.
When payday arrives, I used to give employees the daily hours report for the entire month: that’s why the “daily recod report” is so important for me.

Here’s the problem:
With over nigth shift the program make good count of working time period

an total working time

But when I generate the “daily record report” it print out bad data

It’s seems that it count the work time loking only at its data, making the difference between the first and the second time it finds in a line

Could you give me some advice to print out the “daily recod report” correct.
Thank you in advance.
Kind regards

Dear Mick

Could you please help to send your database (noramlly it’s in the DB floder under software’s installation route named"Crosschex.mdb") I will check your settings then reply to you,
my mail adress is johnny.ding@anviz.com


Hola como realizaste la asignación del turno, recordá que para turnos nocturnos la asignación debe ser manual.

“Hello, how did you assign the shift? Remember that for night shifts, the assignment must be done manually.”

Dear Jonny,
I sent you an email with the DB attacched.
It’s a brand new installation for testing crosschex before switching the system of time attendance.
So i have no proble to make a new db o a new installation to solve the problem in this monent.
Thank you in advance.

Hola Mariano,
as you can see in the first image I post, the user OVER_MIDNIGHT is not sheduled.

I made another test with another user with shift assigned, but after the statistical analisys all the turn are invalid: that’s because i can’t define a shift spanning two days (may be i’m wrong).

Thank you for your help.

I did a fresh install from scratch: A single not scheduled user. I did not connect the terminal: just insert the data manualy (fix attendance).
The problem persists: regular counting of hours an minutes in the program, but the daily report does not calculate shifts over two days.

I have very simple needs: my collaborators don’t have fixed shifts and rotate during the day and the week and, when they work the evening shift, they almost always spend a maximum of an hour past midnight.

I only need to track and count of actual hours and minutes of work per day with weekly and monthly totals.
A plus would be a total that evident work on Sundays and holidays, but I can also do it manually.

Can you tell me how to do it?
I attach the report generated by my old traxx with 56k analog connection that i’m trying to replace with anviz

hi @Johnny_Anviz were you able to follow this topic, please?

I make the last attempt before definitively giving up on the switch to Anviz and throwing away the recently purchased w1c pro:

Is it possible to obtain a report that highlights the daily IN and OUT of the individual employee with the total of the actual daily, weekly and monthly hours?
Also it can calculate partial totals, one relating to the hours worked on Sundays and one relating to the hours worked on holidays?

NO shift needed, no overtime calculation, no late entrance o late exit… Just a simple elaboration of the actual hours.

Thank you in advance for your kind replay.
Best regards

Hi Mick

You can combine a mix of 2 reports.

It is possible to have a flexible report that calculate your working hours at every 2 records
And another report which will calculate the total sum for you.

If you export these reports in excel file, you can merge both on the same file with 2 spreadsheets.

In this mode, it wont make any difference if its worked on weekdays or weekends, if its overtime or holidays, it will just give you the total worked hours for the period you selected.

Is this mode ok for you? If so, I can give you more details.

Thank you for your kind reply, but this way of working is not suitable for me.

Every month I have to send my payroll consultant a report for each employee with the total hours worked per month, week and day; I must also highlight the total hours worked on Sundays and public holidays (now Italian law requires it).

I already dedicate too much time to clocking in/out checks, I don’t have time to create 2 different reports, export them to Excel, merge them and calculate the data for 12/15 employees every month.

Thanks anyway, I’ll try other solutions.

Hi @Mick we do have a local partner in Italy, maybe they have an alternative to support you.

Please trying contacting them, I´ll let their contact information in your private message box here

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