Flexible hours - Crosschex Cloud

Good morning, everyone. I use an ep300pro. Staff come in in the morning at variable times, leave for lunch (at variable times), return after lunch and leave at variable times. I would like to ‘simply’ clock in and out (2 entrances and 2 exits per day, or those who do continuous only 1 entry and 1 exit per day) and have a daily amount of actual hours worked. I don’t care about tolerances, overtime, etc. I want an amount of hours and in the report to see day by day how many hours an employee has worked with a monthly summation.
Thank you for any advice.

Hello, Stefano

With CrossChex Standard, your request can be satisfied easily.

But with CrossChex cloud, this might be more difficult. You can check out the feature of “Breaks” on the Cloud.

And you can refer to: