C2 SERIES finger reading issue

Hi Everyone,

Recently for the first time we install 3 C2 Slim for doors access & 1* C2 Pro for Time and Attendance

Im facimg an issue with finger print,
After we registered all employees they are facing many fault reading and they need to swap there fingers many times to pass

We tried to set precision to Basic, and no difference still facing same issue

By the way firmware details

C2 Slim :
03.16.B6_dark_BT107 HID module
Kernel : g288e985
C2 pro :
03.A4.BB_dark HID module
Kernel : g18417e3

Hi @a.alhajj ,

For the C2 Pro, please try to check the fingerprint sensor following this post.

For the C2 Slim, to know if it’s a fingerprint sensor problem you could try to change it with a good one.

Hi @a.alhajj ,

Can you tell me which device was used for the fingerprint registration: C2 Slim or C2 Pro?

Hi @Tibor

I used C2Pro for registering employees and then uploaded to all 3* C2 slim

Hi @a.alhajj ,

I’d like to advice you to make the registration of the fingerprint with one of the C2 Slim devices.
You can do it by CrossChex: add a new user and select “Network” option for registration of the fingerprint.
When it’s done distribute this user to the other devices and check reading quality.

Hi @Tibor

We did registered 5 new users on C2 Slim

And no difference, you need to swap your finger at least 3 times and the fourth one accepted

I have 10 years experiance on Access control systems

I tried many brand ( Virdi, suprema, Chiyu, etc…) Through my experiance the best finger module is Suprema never miss any finger

We are always installing Anviz Face series and its our first time using finger series

My thoughts, Finger module need to be upgrade and beter to consider using Suprema finger module OEM Model SFM-5020

Salam @a.alhajj ,

I recommended this solution because it helped us earlier in case of a combo installation of C2 Pro and M7.
About your note: we’re dealing with Anviz products for almost a decade (and 30 years with access control systems). We also experienced unreliable operation of fingerprint detection. Other solutions what worked at our installations: resetting the device to factory defaults, firmware upgrade, changing the power supply unit, using a LAN noise filter.

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Salam @Tibor

Thanks for the help and support
Is there an upgrade for the C2 series?

Hi @a.alhajj @Tibor

This is Felix from Anviz. Thank you for my friends to share your experience with us to imporve our products.

The C2 Slim and C2 Pro adopt the same fingerprint sensor (AFOS518).

And please help us to check the C2 Slim’s fingerprint image via the C2 slim’s webserver.

Step 1: Log in to the C2 Slim’s web server by default IP address in the browser

Step 2: Modify the link address in the browser: Such as to activate “fpSave” option as “Yes” and click the “Submit” button.

Step 4: Click the link to the fingerprint image display page.

Step 5: Press the finger on the C2 Slim’s sensor then click “refresh bmp file list” which will display the image to check the Image quality of fingerprints.

This way only check the Image quality of fingerprints. Please active “fpSave” option as “NO” when you finish the testing. Thanks.

Please provide the FP image to me (felix@anviz.com) that’s can help us to check the issues. Thanks.


@a.alhajj @Tibor
Thanks for your feedback of our device.
Thanks for your great support .
@a.alhajj You can also check the image captured by C2pro,pleae refer to the link:

If possible please send images captured by 2 kind of devices together to us.

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Hi @Felix_Anviz @Johnny_Anviz

Thanks for grat support

I will update you soon