Fingerprint Sensor dont respond during enrollment-W1 Pro

I am using W1 Pro for attendance mgt, with the desktop Crosschex. When i try to enroll a user, device calls for placement of finger but device cant read the fingerprint (read is inactive) till it times out

Any solution to this?

Dear @shieldsoft , let´s test your fingerprint sensor firstly.

Please input the code "000031 on the device keypad and press OK.

The FP test mode will start, please use your fingerprint and see if the device is responding correctly. Here is an example of a correct application:

Let me know your feedback after the test, so we can proceed with the support.

Hi Leo, thanks for the response. The sensor works, when device is on home screen sensor responds. Its only when request to capture finger print is issued from software that sensor dont respond.

Test results above


Also in the desktop app check mark beside fingerprint to enroll is inactive. Could that be the cause?

Hi @shieldsoft ,

The good news is that we don´t have any hardware problem.

The screenshot of the software is not the cause.

There is a tool to activate the fingerprint of our devices. Probably we will need it.

Please create a support ticket at Anviz Global | Powering a Smarter World

Inform your device model, serial number and firmware.

Describe you need to activate the device fingerprint sensor, my technical colleagues will guide you how to do it.