Can't export timesheets file

Hi, as the title says we can’t export the timesheets file from the cloud.
For any department and research filter, the progress bar of the download remains stuck at 0%.
We also tried from a different network and still the same problem occurs.

210000369 Is the company ID.

Hi @l.stramenga

After refreshing the page, the problem persists?

@Sarah_Anviz please follow with us


of course we’ve tried; also, that even occurs from different computers

Have you ever tried waiting longer?There is a lot of data in the account and it may take longer to export.

We’ve tried, and also if we adjust the filters to get only a day of records for only a department the problem occurs anyway, and in such case there are few data to be downloaded

I’ve just opened the js console of the page and this error is displayed:
WebSocket connection to ‘ws://’ failed:

both in chrome and firefox

We think you might visit
Please try using this.

The problem seems solved, thanks

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