Crosschex Cloud T&A Export Report Error

Hi Everyone,

I am facing an issue with exporting Record report, when I select the export report by an employee the file contains a separate excel with the employee ID but when i open any file it contains the total report with all the employees in one excel it gives me the same result like I’m choosing report by the department

also when im trying to download the Monthly report something freezes on download percentage 0% or 6%

Hi @a.alhajj

Can you please try again?

If the problem persists, please refresh the page and try once more.

Let me know if the problem persists please.

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Hi @Leonardo_Anviz
even after refreshing the page,

also as i mention Export record report by employee or by department gives me the same result

as you see after opening the record by choosing the employee ID the result all employees records included in the excel

Hi @a.alhajj please inform your country and time zone, I´ll check possibility for a remote session and evaluation together with you.

Hi @Leonardo_Anviz Saudi Arabia GMT+3

Hi @a.alhajj ,

according to your time zone, I am involving my colleague @dhiraj.hakke , he will support you

Thanks Dhiraj!

Hi @a.alhajj, can you please share your CrossChex Cloud account details on email? I will check from my side and let you know further. Please email it to

Have a great day!