CrossChex Cloud APP coming very soon!

Hi there!

Allowing for more flexibility & convenience than ever! Employees can check their own attendance, and shift schedule and request time off & much more by using the CrossChex Cloud. The CrossChex Cloud app works in conjunction with Anviz CrossChex Cloud time and attendance software. Use the CrossChex Cloud app to clock in, punch in and out or use Anviz smart time clock devices for physical attendance.

I´m excited to share that we´re at the final tests with our CrossChex Cloud APP!

It´s scheduled to release in July 2022, for iOS and Android platforms.

App preview:

CrossChex Cloud App V1.0 features:

Smart Mobile Punching and Tracking

Employees can GPS remote punch and track their attendance records through CrossChex Cloud App. Punching in/out, overtime and lunch break.

Easy Access to Timesheets

Employees can view current and past timesheets. Timesheets & reports are generated by CrossChex Cloud. It's easy to approve timesheets for a supervisor.

Easy to Check Shift Schedule and Submit Requests

CrossChex Cloud App makes it easy for employees to check their own schedules and submit their time-off requests.

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Are you interested in knowing more details? What other features do you think it´s mandatory for a Cloud Based Time Attendance System? Comment below what you would like to know!


Couldn’t be more excited about the CrossChex Cloud App version!!! :partying_face:

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YES! It’s a real niche supplement to the CrossChex system!
I already lost a couple of projects because I coudn’t recommend a solution for those employees who start/finish their work out of office (e.g. travaling agents, maintenance workers etc.)
From now on this will not be an obstacle.


I believe that the possibility of assigning “free shifts”, therefore without shift schedule, should also be integrated, so that the time is calculated between the clockings, without the need for an already assigned shift.
Maybe even with the possibility of being able to choose to round the timestamps.

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Dear @Agb thanks to your contribution. CrossChex Cloud already has such function, if you have 2 records at same day, it will calculate the difference between them and give you the employee working time on its report. The APP will be an extension of it :smiley:

You can have a try on the browser already, feel free to contact us if you have any doubts!

Hi @Leonardo_Anviz ,

We started to test the APP (Android version).
Clock-in/out appears fine in CrossChex Cloud on Record page together with GPS information.
Regardless, it might be good to have an approval for these entries by the administrator.
Maybe placing a “Confirm” button for each records.
Just for security reasons and in the same way as for Requests.
Also because the exported timeshift doesn’t show on which device the check-in/out was made.
What do you think?
By the way, is the APP available for IOS too?

That is an interesting thinking method @Tibor ! I will involve my R&D colleague @Felix_Anviz to give his thoughts on this.

Felix, let us know your opinion please.

Hi @Tibor @Leonardo_Anviz

We already have the IOS version on Apple store. Thanks for your suggestion, We will assess the “Confirm” function.

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Hi @Leonardo_Anviz @Felix_Anviz ,

We’re testing the APP and found a possible bug with the IOS version.

It’s a problem with date/time when user wants to add a new request.
For example I’d like to add 06/10/2022 8:00AM.
After setting up these parameters and click on “Save” the result is as shown here:

As you can see the date and time disappeared.
Going back to “My Request” page a default date and time (01/01/1970 01:00:00) is displayed:

We tried three times with different date/time but the result is the same as shown above.
The device is an Iphone with IOS version 15.
The Android version works fine.
Can you check it, please?

Hi @Tibor !
I´ll test with Android and see if same problem occurs.

@dhiraj.hakke could you please test with iOS in this meantime ?

Hi @Leonardo_Anviz !

Thank you very much!
Our experience is that the Android version is OK.

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Hi @Leonardo_Anviz, Yes I also got the same results as mentioned by @Tibor. So we will check with development team once we resume the office.

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Hi @Leonardo_Anviz @Felix_Anviz

After last update the app won’t work, only white screen

By the way tested with Android

Thanks @a.alhajj , we are working on a new version which is not on playstore yet… It shall be updated very soon

If you want, I can share the APL file to you by private message in this meantime

Yes, i will appreciate it

We tested both versions (Android and IOS) on some smartphones and they’re working OK.
The new app (v1.1) was downloaded from Play store/App store.

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