CrossChex Cloud #3 - Department Management

Hi there,

Welcome to our third tutorial about the Anviz CrossChex Cloud!

The main objective of this tutorial is to help you understand how the CrossChex Cloud logic works between locations, users and devices; that´s very important to understand before add devices and enroll employees at your Cloud Account , especially if you will manage two or more devices over the internet.

After creating a new account and configure the pre settings company page, you will be signed in at the main page, the Dashboard . At the top bar, click Organization , you´ll be automatically forwarded to the Department area of the software:

As default, you will have a unique department created, with the Company Name you´ve configured on the pre settings page at your account creation.

In other words, if you don´t add any other department, all the devices and employees will be automatically signed to this specific department, which is fine if you have only one device and only one place to manage. However, if you intend to add two or more devices in different locations, or even in the same location with different employee permissions , we´re in the right place to make it work correctly.

Let´s use an example as reference. Anviz Global (already added) will be our main department, the headquarter, and we´re going to add two new departments, the North America Office, and the South Africa Office.

Creating North America Department:

Now creating South Africa Department:

You can always edit the already created departments or delete them by using the checking boxes at their respective left side, and the buttons on the right side, as shown in the next picture:

The unique exception is the main department (Anviz Global in this example), the main department cannot be deleted.

Be careful when deleting departments with employees and/or devices assigned at them, it can affect your system reports when modifying them wrongly.

So now that we understood how to add, delete and modify departments, we can proceed with our example. We have just purchased a FaceDeep 3 device to control the employee´s attendance at our South African Office, so first step now is to add the new device at our CrossChex Cloud account.

Whenever I add a new device, it will be automatically assigned at the main department, Anviz Global at our example. (please check the tutorial about how to add a new device for more details). From the moment I´m able to see the new device at my Device Tab , I can edit it with the respective department I want to assign it.

For this example, the FaceDeep 3 will belong to the South African Office, so I will edit it and modify it´s department to South Africa Office:

Now the device is already set at the South African Office, as we can see in the Department Tab:

So, from now one, whenever we create a new user and set them as South Africa department, they will be automatically assigned to our FaceDeep 3 device, and any other device we may add at the same South Africa department.

We can add as many devices we want at the same department, this is very useful if you have two devices in the same location, and it will be important to distinguish users in your Anviz hardware memory, for example, you can have a user enrolled at the device 1 from building A, but not enrolled at device 2 from same building A (please check the tutorial about how to add new employee for more details).


If you have only one device to manage your employees, you don’t need to worry about department settings, the device and the employees you´ll add will be automatically assigned to your main department.

If you have two or more devices, you can create and manage them from different departments, and whenever you add or modify an employee, the system will send their information (facial or fingerprint template for example) to the devices you´ve assigned as their department.

You can have two or more devices at the same department.

You can also have employees with two or more departments assigned.

Please check the tutorial about how to add new employee for more details.

So basically, the Department will work as a bridge between device and employees, it will be the reference base to transfer information between hardware and assigned users/employees :smiley:

Enjoy your CrossChex Cloud!