CrossChex Cloud #5 - Add a New Employee

Hi there,

Welcome to our fifth tutorial about the Anviz CrossChex Cloud!

The main objective of this tutorial is to teach you how to add new employees to your CrossChex Cloud account.

Before begin this tutorial, we suggest you to have a read on our previous guides explaining how the department logic works , it will be important to set permissions between employees and Anviz devices.

We also recommend to add your Anviz hardware before creating users, if you haven’t done that yet, you can check our guide about how to add a new device right here.

It´s possible to enroll users before adding devices, but doing in the suggested way will save you time doing both steps (creating and setting employee permission) at the same time.

Now that we´re on the same page, let´s proceed! After Signing In at your CrossChex Cloud account, we have two ways to access the Employee´s management area.

First one is by the shortcut on the Dashboard:

Second one is by Organization at the main bar, then Employee at the left side bar:

At the Employee´s page you´ll see a user already in there, with ID 1 (Leonardo Ribeiro in this example).

This is the administrator / account owner user, he will always have total control of the software. This user can be modified but cannot be deleted from your account.

Besides, it is possible to assign him as an employee or a device user by enrolling a fingerprint or facial template for example, we suggest to keep this user just for administrative role, in other words, if you´re the owner and you want to add your biometric information to be checked by your account´s Anviz hardware, we recommend to create a new user/employee to that.

This is exactly what we´re going to do next. At the right side of the Employee´s page, we´re able to see the Employee´s management buttons. Let´s click on ADD to start creating a new employee:

An “Add Employee” window will popup, all the items marked with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory to proceed with the enrollment:

First Name : Employee´s first name (optional).

Last Name : Employee´s last name (mandatory).

Employee ID : It´s the ID number from this specific employee (mandatory).

The Employee ID is unique, which means, any other employee in your account won´t be able to use it, even if they´re in different departments.

The Employee ID will be fixed after creating it for the first time, which means, you will not be able to modify it later, it will be necessary to delete the employee and enroll him/her again, so please be careful when choosing each employee ID.

The Employee ID will also be used to the own employee to log in at his Crosschex Cloud account, (you can check CrossChex Cloud #6 – How to Log In as an Employee later for more details).

Job Title: Employee´s job title (optional).

To be seen at user page for easier management identification.

Hire Date : Insert the employee´s hiring date (mandatory).

The attendance reports will start being available from the date you insert in this filed, so if your device(s) already have records from this employee, make sure you insert a date before those records.

Dept: Employee´s department permissions.

In short words, this is where this specific employee will have his user ID authorized at the Anviz devices from your CrossChex Cloud account. If this employee will have permission at more than one department, you can choose the main department here, and we can add the other departments permissions in the next pages.

This is a very important field and we have written a specific guide for this, please check CrossChex Cloud #3 - Department Management for more details.

Email: Employee´s e-mail address (optional).

Tel: Employee´s phone number (optional).

At the left side, it´s also possible to Upload Photo for this specific employee. The photo will be used as reference for easier management of the supervisor or Crosschex Cloud account owner.

Important: This picture will not be used as facial recognition in case you have a facial Anviz device, for example a FaceDeep 3 or FacePass 7 Pro, we´re going to see it in details at this same tutorial.

Let´s fill the Employee Information and click Next .

Now it´s time for the Punch Management Settings :

Punch Mode: It´s the technology this employee will use to clock in and clock out at Anviz devices.

The Default mode means that any technology can be accepted, so considering this user has password, RFID card and facial template, the first one from those three enrolled data will be valid for a clock In or a clock Out.

If you need a specific technology or a technology combination, for example, Fingerprint (FP) + RFID Card, you can choose it here.

Multi Dept.: Remember Department Management? This is where you can set specific permissions for each employee.

For example, if this employee is able to clock In and clock Out at different departments, I can choose the main department at the previous tab (Add a New Employee on Picture D), and select the additional departments he/she will be also be able to clock In and clock Out in this field, or I could simply select “All Departments” here, if I want him to be able at all departments and all devices.

Automatic calculation of overtime work beyond scheduled time : Self-explanatory, if the employee has an overtime beyond the scheduled limit at shift and overtime settings, it will be shown at his overtime reports by filling this box.

We explain shift and overtime settings it in CrossChex Cloud #9 – How to Add Fixed Working Shifts (Break Function).

At the bottom of this window, we will see the technology enrollment for this employee:

5 - CrossChex Cloud - Add a New Employee G

In our example, let´s enroll our employee´s facial template at CrossChex Cloud by clicking Face button:

We have two ways to enroll Employee´s Facial template.

We can use the Anviz device directly for a real time enrollment by choosing Face Enroll , or simply upload the employee´s picture directly at Upload Photo .

Face Enroll:

  1. Make sure your device cloud icon is enabled (see how to add a new device if cloud icon is not enabled), and instruct the referred employee to be nearby the device (not in front of, just nearby).

  2. Click Please Choose and select the device you will use for this real time enrollment.

  3. Click Face Enroll .

  4. The CrossChex Cloud will send an internal command to the selected hardware; it will enter at the enrollment mode. Inform the Employee to show his/her face on the device only after the enrollment circle is shown (this may take a few seconds).

In parallel, the CrossChex Cloud software will show a TimeOut counting, which means, if the proceed is not complete in the next 60 seconds, it will be automatically cancelled.

  1. After succeed, the device will feedback “Enrollment Success” and a green message with the confirmation will appear at the top.

  2. Click “x” at the top right corner to finish operation.

Upload Photo:

If your employee is not nearby or you need to enroll several employees at once, this option may be more convenient than calling employee by employee for a real-time enrollment.

  1. Separate a good quality employee facial photo. Please respect the following instructions to make sure the photo is under the appropriate standards for a good employee validation experience later:

File Format: JPG image

Picture Maximum Size: 500KB

Dimensions (Pixels): 100 < Width < 2000 ; 100 < Height < 2000.

  1. Back at the CrossChex Cloud software, please select Upload Photo .

  2. Click Upload Photo again in the next window.

  3. Select the chosen photo from the specific employee.

  4. Use the blue square to adjust the recognition area to the Employee´s Face.

  5. Click Save .

  6. Click “x” at the top right corner to finish operation.

Now that the facial template is enrolled, we´re able to see the Facial Button colored, which means that our software database already has this employee information for facial recognition.

Fell free to add other clock In and clock Out methods for the employees, you can enroll Fingerprint templates if you have a fingerprint reader device like VF30 PRO or EP300 PRO for example, or simply add password and/or RFID cards. The proceed will be pretty similar.

Let´s continue by clicking Next , it will bring us to the Role Settings page:

This is a very important setting, especially if you want this employee to have access to his Crosschex Cloud account by his login and password.

If you don’t need that, please keep it as Inactive , the default option, and click Next . Otherwise, let´s explore the options a little more:

Employee : Select Employee if this is a regular employee and you intend to authorize him to add manual records, request overtime, inform sick leave, vacation, etc.

A password field will be opened, you can fill with it a simple password and share it to the employee in advance, he/she will be able to modify it as soon as he/she logs into his/her account.
You can check CrossChex Cloud #6 – How to Log In as an Employee later for more details.

System Admin: Choosing this option the employee will have System Administration rights. In other words, he will have same permissions as the CrossChex owner account.

A password field will be opened, you can fill with it a simple password and share it to the employee in advance, he/she will be able to modify it as soon as he/she logs into his/her account.

Supervisor (Custom Role): The employee will have customized permissions, according to what you have set at Role and Supervisor settings.

Click here to know more about how to add Supervisors.

After chose the Role Settings properly, let´s click Next and proceed to the last configuration, the Scheduled Settings :

This is here you can assign a working shift for this specific employee. It´s possible to navigate by months with the arrows < Prev and Next > to see existing scheduled shifts or simply click in any day to add this employee a working shift:

Don´t worry if you haven´t created a working shift yet, you can always come back here by selecting the chosen employee and click Edit .

The shift scheduling is also possible to be added in another part of the software, at Attendance > Schedule tabs, but this is content for
CrossChex Cloud #10 – How to Schedule and Assign Working Shifts

Click Confirm to finish the enrollment settings for this employee.

After confirming, the system will send the employee info to all the departments and devices he is authorized to clock In and clock Out.

In our example, we have configured ID 2 Johnny for all departments, so we will be able to see a new user at our previous enrolled FaceDeep 3:

Now you are able to add employees at your CrossChex Cloud and set permission between devices, congratulations! :smiley:

Enjoy your CrossChex Cloud!