CrossChex Standard - Monthly attendance report with employee signature field

I assume that it is required in several countries or simply by company’s HR that the employee signs the monthly attendance sheet.
A lot of my customers are asking for this, too.
The reason is simple: by law, only the time sheet signed by the employee is authentic in any dispute.
When employee confirmed (signed) it then it’s OK.
Has anyone else ever had such a request?

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Basically CrossChex Standard software doesn’t include this feature.
So, to solve this problem I modified the original report of monthly attendance schedule adding a signature field of employee above the footer of the sheet.
It looks like this (in CrossChex Standard: Attendance->Report Preview->Monthly Attendance Schedule):

I’d like to share the modified report file if someone wants to use it:
Simply copy the downloaded file into C:\Program Files (x86)\Anviz\CrossChex Standard\Reports directory overwriting the existing one (restart of CrossChex doesn’t required).
Now you can make a report shown above.

@Leonardo_Anviz Please, can you confirm if the file is OK to use with CrossChex Standard?
Best Regards

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Hi @Tibor

Great initiative and thanks for the contribution!

I did the test from my side and it worked fine!

There are some “non-English” words in there but it´s not a problem, customers can edit or modify the reports anytime using the Design Report function.

Congratulations @Tibor :smiley:

Oh, sorry for the mistake!
I fixed the “strange words” and uploaded the correct file. You can give it a try.
The origin of the mistake: I modified these fields because it wasn’t clear for our customers what is the unit of measure in each field: Early times, Early, Late times, Late.
And I added the Leave hours field also.
Really big thanks for the fast test!

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Great work here on the reporting tool.
Looking into the report from @Tibor i see that one timetable collumn was removed, in my case i would like to have 3 timetable collumns instead.
Is this change possible, i mean is the datasource of the report capable to return 3 timetable column records?
Maybe it’s a noob question, but i’m just starting with Crosschex Standard reporting customizations.


Hello Sergio,

It’s possible to modify the report having three timetables but the problem is that CrossChex software doesn’t calculate with the third one.
The “Statistical Analysis” function of CrossChex can use ony 2 timetables always.

Hi Tibor,

Thanks for that very useful info, it’s a pity that it only supports 2 timetables…
It looks like i need to start thinking in some other alternative for these scenarios then.


Hi again,

Just to double check i’m defining this corectly.
If i have a schedulle that starts at 13:00 stops at 15:30 and starts again at 19:30 stops at 01:00 next day and in this second timetable has a meal break between 23:00 and 00:00, there is no other way than define 3 timetables, right?

Thanks ans regards

Ciao Leonardo,
io ho un problema invece con il report4 purtroppo questo è il risultato ( allegato ) ma non riesco a modificarlo in nessun modo. A mio parere è un problema legato ai decimali, così da spostare tutte le celle.
Potresti darmi una mano a sistemarlo?
Grazie sarebbe davvero la stampa che più serve alla consulente paghe.


Hi @segreteria1,

I think the problem depends on the statistical rules what you’re using and it isn’t the problem of the report file.
Please, check them incuding the round-off features and set them again.