CrossChex Standard - Monthly attendance report with employee signature field

I assume that it is required in several countries or simply by company’s HR that the employee signs the monthly attendance sheet.
A lot of my customers are asking for this, too.
The reason is simple: by law, only the time sheet signed by the employee is authentic in any dispute.
When employee confirmed (signed) it then it’s OK.
Has anyone else ever had such a request?

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Basically CrossChex Standard software doesn’t include this feature.
So, to solve this problem I modified the original report of monthly attendance schedule adding a signature field of employee above the footer of the sheet.
It looks like this (in CrossChex Standard: Attendance->Report Preview->Monthly Attendance Schedule):

I’d like to share the modified report file if someone wants to use it:
Simply copy the downloaded file into C:\Program Files (x86)\Anviz\CrossChex Standard\Reports directory overwriting the existing one (restart of CrossChex doesn’t required).
Now you can make a report shown above.

@Leonardo_Anviz Please, can you confirm if the file is OK to use with CrossChex Standard?
Best Regards

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Hi @Tibor

Great initiative and thanks for the contribution!

I did the test from my side and it worked fine!

There are some “non-English” words in there but it´s not a problem, customers can edit or modify the reports anytime using the Design Report function.

Congratulations @Tibor :smiley:

Oh, sorry for the mistake!
I fixed the “strange words” and uploaded the correct file. You can give it a try.
The origin of the mistake: I modified these fields because it wasn’t clear for our customers what is the unit of measure in each field: Early times, Early, Late times, Late.
And I added the Leave hours field also.
Really big thanks for the fast test!

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