Monthly Report Issue


i’ve a problem with my CrossChex Standard: Monthly report does not count correctly hours done but it shows the worktime specified in the shift, but in the Daily Report the count is correct (i can’t post images because i am a new user).

What am i doing wrong?



Hi @luca ,
Please click to submit a ticket with images and database file. Our support team will contact you within one business day.

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@luca here is the ticket creation link as @Sarah_Anviz mentioned:

Hi @Leonardo_Anviz and @Sarah_Anviz ,

i’ve opened the ticket more than 15 days ago and no one answered me after i’ve attached images and database as request. Please can someone help me?


Hi Luca, can you please share us the ticket number for internal follow up?



Hi @luca I found that our technical support Dhiraj answered the ticket #02931. Could you please check if the reply is in the spam?
And we didn’t get the images and database. Maybe the file is too large to receive. It would be helpful if you can re-open the ticket or submit a new one to share the file in a link.

Thanks @Sarah_Anviz . I’ve answered two times at that mail but never received other mails after that. I’ve tried to answer to the original mail some minutes ago without attachments to make a test.

Still not received an answer in 2 months, i’m very disappointed.

Hi Luca,

please check your inbox messages


@Leonardo_Anviz solved my trouble. Many thanks again!

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