Setting up shifts and reporting for two working time intervals

There is a task that I cannot set up in the CrossChex Standard program.
There is a working day:
Starts at 8.00
Ends at 18.00
Lunch time 13.00-15.00
Work during the lunch period is counted as overtime.
Working after 6 pm is also considered overtime.
Working hours and overtime must be counted separately.
an important condition: the employee may not go out for lunch (there may be no events at 13:00-15:00 or there may be only one, and the second after 15:00)

the organization wants to count working time and overtime separately, receive a monthly report for each employee
Thank you

Hi @vitamin1st1982 ,
The CrossChex Standard supports all you required except “Working during the lunch period is counted as overtime”. It’s not a very common requirement so it’s not in the standard version.
I would suggest you changing the attendace record status to overtime manually if not many employees work overtime during lunch. But if you really need we could offer a paid custom service.

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What will change the status manually give me?? If there are no events at lunchtime, how can the program consider this time as processing?
I still do not see from you the right idea for the implementation of the task, I doubt that you have a solution.

I’m sorry I didn’t make myself clear. You could try to append record when there is no event or change record status when there is.

@vitamin1st1982 in this case the records can be added manually directly from the software as overtime records, which means, whenever a employee doesn’t clock the breaks for lunch, someone add them manually.

HI Sarah
What is the charges For Custome Service ?? How can we contact you ??

I submitted your requirements to the R&D department, unfortunately it’s not approved. However, we appreciate your valuable advice and we might consider adding this feature in the future.

No one will do it manually. As I understand your paid solution will be based on adding a script that will work with the database. It is a pity that the program cannot work with sql server (mysql is not a convenient solution in a web application development environment). Of course we can use the access database, but this again leads to Microsoft software products.

therefore, we can say that the program is not flexible in settings and is tied to microsoft products and support.

Hi @vitamin1st1982

CrossChex Standard is compatible with SQL Server:

Here I share a download link with tutorial + database example done at SQL Server:

Its work with sql server or only with mysql ?

Only with SQL Server, not mysql

Hi @vitamin1st1982 ,

There’s a basic requirement to solve your problem: you need another device which is used for check-in/check-out during lunchtime.
The exact solution would be done if CrossChex Standard could handle 3 timetables in their reports but unfortunately, it’s only 2.

But I’ll show here a solution which maybe acceptable for your customer. It requires another device of course and some bug remove work according to CrossChex Standard.

First you have to define 2 timetables called morning and afternoon as shown:

After that create a shift for a week (5 workdays):

In user scheduling select normal scheduling and add “shift1” to all employees you want.
In basic parameters you have to set the overtime rules:

We’re using the following data as a daily attendance in our test:
on 30/08/2022 Mr. Bond arrives at 7:40, lunchtime: 13:20-13:55, leaving at 18:55
on 31/08/2022 Mr. Bond arrives at 7:40, lunchtime: 14:15-14:50, leaving at 19:40
Let’s see the results of the statistical analysis:

We can see that CrossChex wants to modify the statuses in line 1-2 and 5-6 even if the statuses are good: line 0 is the check-in of Timetable1 (morning), line 1 is the check-out of Timetable1, line 2 is the check-in of Timetable2 (afternoon), line 3 is the check-out of Timetable2 and so on the next day.
What CrossChex recommends it’s also strange: in line 1 as an “invalid record” the software suggest to delete the status “Out” and after that in line 2 as a “wrong state” it suggest to change the status from “In” to “Out”…
The reason why CrossChex wants to change the statuses is that there’s a time overlap between Timetable1 check-out time and Timetable2 check-in time as shown here:

But this setting is perfectly realistic and the situation is clear upon the parameter settings of the timetables.
I think that’s the bug what should be solved in the next update of CrossChex. Can you check it @Leonardo_Anviz ?
Just because the software works fine afterwards. Let’s force CrossChex to use the real statuses (manually changing the lines 5 and 6 only):

The result what shows the difference between bad/good attendance calculation:

Finally, the monthly schedule report:

On 30/08/2022 we receive bad calculation values but on 31/08/2022 the good results for working time and overtime are shown.
I think that’s what you’re looking for.

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I have already completed these experiments with setting up two shifts: morning and afternoon. You should add one more case: the worker does not go out for lunch, which means that there are no events at all in the interval 13.00-15.00, and then the system starts counting incorrectly …

Hi @vitamin1st1982 ,

Yes, I know that the workers don’t go out.
That’s why I wrote that it’s necessary to install a device inside where the workers can check-in/check-out at lunch.
Without check-out from “morning” and check-in to “afternoon” you won’t get any result in CrossChex.

Good Explanation and deep try with Cross Chex Standart. but the result for me was also the same, Crosschex software needs to change based on working Hours (Duty Hours) Wich means not depending on Time Table