Crosschex time schedule

Good morning. I have set the working day in the morning and in the afternoon as we take a break at noon so 8/12 and 13.3/17.3. however, there are times when collaborators stay and continue but the system recognizes only 8 hours and not the hour and a half of overtime. how can it be solved? I tried to create a full day from 8/17.30 but the system does not recognize the break at 12 and I have to manually change all the bookings

Hi @Info1 are you using CrossChex Standard?

If so, you can enable the overtime settings at “Attendance Parameters”

I would suggest to keep 2 shifts a you mentioned initially… However, they must clock out for the first shift, and clock in for the second shift right after (if they do overtime on the lunch break).

Make sure they are choosing the correct status on the clock (IN / OUT) when they are punching. Since there will be 2 shifts, then no need to use BREAK status.

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good afternoon.thanks for the reply.yes I am using standard crosschex, is there any other software?
what should I set in the parameters? I would need
to know the exact field. Then I thought there was no need to select in/out because it seems to me that the software recognizes it and suggests the change. I attach photos of the parameters

Hi @Info1

May I know your region please? Country and city

Let´s evaluate a remote session to help you on the settings

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Italia. Cassola CAP 36022-(Vicenza)

ok perfect

Just sent you a private message!