CrossChex Cloud - Shift covers 2 days

A couple of my customer’s employees are working after midnight.
In this case their shift belongs over 2 days but it’s impossible to set it.
I can’t find the option “Count as the first day” as in CrossChex Standard when a shift covers two days.
What could be the solution?

Hi @Tibor , Thank you for your question. I can definitely see how this feature could be beneficial, but unfortunately, it’s not something that we can offer right now.

This feature is already at our planning roadmap.

I will let you know if we have this feature very soon!

In this meantime, my suggestion is to split shifts, or to use the flexible way, without any shift, that would calculate the total worked time from 1st (check in) and 2nd (check out) record.

Best Regards

Hi Leonardo,

Thank you for the fast reply.
Please, let me explain more about the problem.
My customer has a restaurant they’re working all days of the week (Mon to Sun).
So, the check-in status list of an employee for a week looks like this:
MON: 02:10 OUT and 14:50 IN
TUE: 01:50 OUT and 14:45 IN
WED: 01:30 OUT and 15:00 IN
THU: 01:15 OUT and 14:50 IN
etc. until SUN.
The calculated total work time will be (between 1st and 2nd check-in):
MON: 12:40 hours
TUE: 12:55 hours
WED: 13:30 hours
THU: 13:35 hours
But these values aren’t the good ones!
It’s because of the 1st check-in which real status is OUT belongs to SUN.
The real total working hours are:
MON: 11:00 hours
TUE: 10:45 hours
WED: 10:15 hours

How can we solve this problem actually?
Anyway, it would be fine to have the statuses displayed for every records and a simply export of the records like in CrossChex Standard.
Thank you in advance for helping us!

Dear @Tibor

thank you for your detailed information. I´ve done the same tests from my side and collect same results (here is a download link for my test file)

I will work with our R&D team and evaluate if this is possible to be corrected in the next version.

Actually it´s possible to export te records, at Record tab you can click Export TimeSheet

Here is a link of my timesheet export example

Thanks Leo for checking deeply this case!
The timesheet is OK but the statuses (IN, OUT, Break etc.) would be fine to have there in a lot of cases (lunch break, smoking breaks, business leave etc.), I think.

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