Differentiating Identical Twins by Face Recognition

Hi Everyone,

I’m facing an issue with face recognition.

My customer uses FaceDeep 5 units. They has a problem to register 2 employees who are identical twins.
If one of them is registered then it’s impossible to add the other one: the unit answers always that the face already exists.
The twins are surprised because they can’t fool Windows Hello (WIN10): the authentication works fine on their workstations at the office.
I’d like to ask if there’s a solution for FaceDeep series?

Hi, Tibor,

As you probably know, any biometric authentication will be relevant to FRR( False Rejection Rate) and FAR( False Acceptance Rate). In short, it will result in a system that is more secure (but less user-friendly) or less secure (but more user-friendly).

Moreover, in terms of your reference about Windows Hello, that is 1:1, but FaceDeep is 1:N, that’s probably one of the reasons why it results in that as well.

Alternatively, as far this case, it could be recommended to use Face + Keypad (with ID ) specifically for the twins.

Hi @david.huang ,

Thank you for the explanation.
The solution you suggested also came to my mind: using face+card for identification.
But as I wrote above, the problem is that it’s impossible to register the second person of twins if any of them are already registered: FaceDeep 5 rejects registration (face already exists).
I’ve got a new idea to solve the problem: I’d like to suggest the customer to upload a photo (+new ID) of the person whose registration has been rejected by the device. Maybe this way the device will recognize the face and creates a different template.
Did you ever test this option in case of FaceDeep family?

Hi @Tibor .

This is a valid solution. You can also enroll them from CrossChex Standard or CrossChex Cloud directly. Doing this way, the device will not reject since the user is not on database memory yet.


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