Problem recogniton faces

I have a “FacePass7” device with 100 users that works well, now we bought 3 more “FacePass 7 Pro” devices but we have 2 problems:

  • we can’t transfer the faces from FacePass7" to “FacePass7 Pro”, the users have been transferred but the faces are not
  • we tried to register the faces, but doing some access tests the person is displayed only with a red square or yellow square with the name but does not register the access (see picture)

I await your help




  1. FacePass7 and FacePass7 Pro are using different face template so the faces can’t be transferred. You have to re-register the faces.
  2. What’s the firmware? Can you try to disable the live detection and see if you can access? (Menu>Advanced>T&A)
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Thanks Sarah !
For the first problem ok
For the second problem is solved

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