EU Laws - Deactivate camera

Hello, due to a change of criteria in relation to the treatment of biometric data by the European commission, makes it very difficult in practice to use fingerprint devices or devices that use facial detection. That is, at least in Spain, until there are new laws that try to regulate this, it is illegal to use devices that use biometric data.

Since the devices allow the use of contactless cards, we have decided to remove all biometric information from our users, and start using card authentication until all these problems are clarified.

Is it possible to disable the camera on the devices so that nothing is displayed?. We do not want any red/green boxes that detect faces to be displayed. We currently have FaceDeep3 models, we would like the camera to be totally disabled and not show anything (even if it is a black screen will be ok).

We can simply use a sticker and cover the camera hole, but we wanted to know if you have thought of including an option to disable the camera completely if the authentication mode is only by card.


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