Status Description Problem on FACEPASS7-PRO Interface

Hi, we have acquired 3 FACEPASS7-PRO to replace our old fingerprint ID devices and system.

We are on a working test at the moment, but every user is complaining of one problem: knowing the Status on the interface when they do their registry.

We are a company in Portugal, so we have 4 different Status: Entrada (in), Saída (out), Inicio de Pausa (break start) and Fim de Pausa (break end). The problem is that the place on the interface where the Status appear is too small and show only 3 letters on the middle of the word, it makes difficult for the users to know the Status, and always makes the user open the list to make sure that he is selecting the right Status.

I can’t find a way to make that space bigger to accommodate the complete word, use a symbol or an icon, or to change the interface. I’ve tried to change the interface to the option “template” and I had to reset the device to the factory default by the web browser, the device interface was unusable.

We need to solve this because it will make many wrong Status data, and also make a quick check in more delayed, as obligate the user to open the list and select the correct status instead of just looking at the camera to check in.

Best regards,
Fábio Lima

Hi @Felix_Anviz can you please check this topic?


Never got a response… That’s not a good thing.

Managed to solve by use “ENT”, “PAU” (use the same status for break start and break end) and “SAI”.

Now we are having another kind of problem. I’ve opened a support ticket, hope to get a response this time…

HI @fabio.lima

Thanks for youe suggestion we will improve our setting in the hardware. We will improve the time attendance statues in the hardware. We will let you know the new firmware update with your function. Thanks