FaceDeep5 not storing records


I hope you could help me with this case. I have a customer with several devices model FaceDeep5 that are having the same issue: they’re not storing records.

They do recognized the enrolled employee, but the record is just not storing. The device has enough space to store, but for some reason it doesn’t do it.

I personally went to visit one of the devices to double check the error. First I tried to enroll myself but got the error “Fail. The user is full”. Then proceeded to made a factory reset. The device seemed to work okay (letting us register new users and storing new records), but after a few days it started with the same errors.

Do you know why this is happening? It’s starting to worry us since it’s happening in multiple devices. Attached you can find the error message and device info.

@Johnny_Anviz please have a look! Thanks