Facepass pro clocking voice

Hi, we have x3 facepass 7 pro and use purely for time and attendance (not access control). Each time a users swipes or scans their face, a voice says… “access granted”. This is very confusing when a user is clocking out and therefore they don’t know if they have clocked in or out. Could the device be set to just play a sound or ideally indicate if they are now clocked in or clocked out.

Hi @itadmingroup,

The actual T&A status is always displayed on device screen. So, the users would know it if they look on the screen when clocking IN/OUT.
About the voice: if it’s disturbing you can inhibit it: enter the main menu of the FacePass as admin and click on ‘Settings’ icon. In the next menu click on the ‘Device’ icon and set the ‘Volume’ level to ‘0’ (zero). After that you won’t hear any voice prompt or sound.

We have 3 devices and have noticed that one of them simply plays a bell sound when users swipe in and out and the others have an ‘access granted’. This is ideally what we want. I cannot find any admin settings to switch between the options, how do we enable this ?

There’s no option like this in device menu.
Please, check the firmware version of the devices I think they’re different ones.

Hi, according to crosschex cloud. All devices are running the same firmware and were purchased and installed at the same time.
If there is a .wav file or something that can replace the annoying american accent ‘access granted’ voice that would be great.

Hi @itadmingroup

It´s possible to replace an audio file (.wav) like you said. However, assuming one of your machines already have this function according to you needs, please share some screenshot with us about their internal menu BASIC INFO page,

In this page we can see not only Serial Number and Firmware, but also other relevant info like file sys and kernel

Let´s compare them all and evaluate if we can replicate all the settings to the other 2 machines so they can be all as the one you prefer.