Get info about the punch in Hook payload

Hi, we’re writing a PHP script that is executed whenever a punch happens, triggered by the hook.
We’ve set the public URL to that script in the hook section on the crosschexcloud web page.
The raw data of the POST request that is passed along to the script after it is called by the punch, is something along the lines of:


Which is great… except, the main thing, which is the department in which that employee has punched, is missing from the information…

How can we work our way into that?

At bare minimum knowing the department, the employee and the timestamp of the punch is the information needed for every company in order to make the implementation of these systems plausible, which, at the state of the art, is not feasible.

We previously suggested to add a “department” parameter to the APIs to ease the work of finding records for a specific department but at least it was present in the response body. In the hook body it is not present at all either.

How can we procede?

Hi @Felix_Anviz can you please check this topic regarded to integration?

Thanks a lot!

Hi, any news about this?

HI, We will plan to add this files in the webhooks output. Thanks for you suggestiong.

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