How to synchronize the time attendance data to the third-party systems?

Hello developers and technology partners,

Anviz CrossChex Cloud now supports the Webhooks function to push the time attendance data to your web server.

A webhook can be thought of as a type of API that is driven by events rather than requests. Instead of one application making a request to another to receive a response, a webhook is a service that allows one program to send data to another as soon as a particular event takes place.

Now the CrossChex Cloud Webhooks are only released for a specified cloud account.

New updating for the Webhooks:

Webhooks Subscriptions:
The following example uses the create time attendance records webhook topic to
illustrate how webhooks work.

Demo Code
In addition to the message payload, each webhook message has a variety of headers containing additional context.
For example, an time attendance webhook can include the following headers:


Data Dictionary

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Hi @Felix_Anviz ,

it’s a good idea which meets some earlier requirements of a couple of our customers.
When will this feature be available for tests?
I checked EU and US servers but the menu “Developer Mode” is still missing.
Thank You!

Hi @Tibor:

The webhooks cloud interface we active for the specified cloud account. And please provide us the cloud account. We will active the webhooks to you for testing.

Thank you for following our community information.

Our account number is 310000021.
Thank You!

Good morning, I am interested in trying this solution.

My server is 310000679

Thank you

@Felix_Anviz please check Mr. @pgomezcdi requirement.

Thank you

@Felix_Anviz please, check my requirement above also.
Thank you!

Thanks for you play attenation on the Cloud webhooks interface. We will active the interface on your account soon.

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Thanks for you play attenation on the Cloud webhooks interface. We will active the interface on your account soon.

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Buen dia compañeros mi cuenta es 110004036, espero me puedan ayudar.

Saludos :slight_smile:

Hi @cesar.duenas

We will active for you soon.

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Could you activate Developer Mode to my account please.

Hi, could you activate developer mode to my account, please. We would like to make use of the webhooks feature for internal testing.
Company ID: 310000120

@Tibor @hola @cesar.duenas @pgomezcdi

Thanks for your support the our CrossChex Cloud. Please check your cloud account. We already active the Webhooks interface for you. Any questions please leave message to us. Thanks


Hi, please activate developer mode on company 310000752. We need realtime data in our bespoke ERP system to know who is clocked in. We are currently trying to get this from PeopleHR system but their plugin is always 30 minutes out of date from reading the swipe logs on the devices. Thanks.

Hey @itadmingroup

Could you please provide a Anviz time clock hardware SN that you are using with CrossChex Cloud, please send it to If you don’t have any hardware, would you consider buying it for your company? Our product manager will activate the developer mode after you reply to this topic.

Hello, could you please activate developer mode on company 310000019.
Hardware Serial number 0690200021500031

Hi @efilip @itadmingroup

Thanks for your attenation. We will active the webhooks for you. Please check your cloud account.

Hi @Felix_Anviz Can you please activate Integration part for 110004299?

Sijilesh/ ScreenCheck ME

Hi @Felix_Anviz, may you please activate this functionality to our account? (310000116)

Thank you!