How to set up port forwarding for P2P connection

This guide is to help you set up a P2P connection. Before you start, make sure your broadband network has a public IP address. For how to confirm, click here.

  1. Make sure your Wi-Fi router and the IPC are in the same network segment. (e.g.

  2. Login the Intellisight cloud VMS, Switch to the Device Management page.

  3. Select the IPC you need to port forwarding, and click “remote config” button.

  4. Go to Net—>P2P. Enter a random port number (first make sure this port was not conflict with other applicateion service)

  5. Access your router’s management page. and switch to WAN–Port forwarding setup page. Follow the tips below. Fill in the following information:

Now, you have created a P2P connection for view the live stream anytime at anywhere.