Lock P7 keypad by software

Hello there

I’d like to know if there’s a way to lock the P7 keypad (even the “M” key) by CrossChex or SDK. I have this device on a big area where some kids keep “playing” with the keys, sometimes the screen goes to “Admin” question and an enrolled user can’t access until press “C” or the “Admin” message is gone.


Hi @paul_m ,

Unfortunately the P7 model doesn´t have this function.

We do have other models we could disable the keypad by the webserver, C2 PRO for example… but since P7 is from a previous generation, we don´t have such function on it.

You could disable it by hardware, I mean, identify the correct electronic component responsible for the keypad and disable it, but that requires technical skills.

Hello @Leonardo_Anviz, thanks for your prompt response.

Ok, disabling the keys by hardware is a permanent solution, maybe too risky… I think I’ll try to cover it with something.

Thanks again

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