Remote Access with Crosschex Mobile

Hi, I have 3 different question regarding the Mobile App:

  • It only works when i’m close to the device. Is there any way to open the doors remotely from home with the app? I see that there are “Network” options and would like to know how to do it.

  • Is there a way to syncronise it with the Crosschex Standard database and users?

  • In Config > Verification Mode, I see that you can set up the verification mode of a specific device (M3Pro in my case). Will this be in conflict with the setup of the Crosschex Standard if a user it’s set up with other verification modes?

Thank you very much!

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Hi Albert:

The Crosschex Mobile APP is base on the bluetooth communicaiton with Hardware do not with the network or Cloud. So only need close to the device to active the terminal. And the “Network” options in the Crosschex mobile app is use to setup terminal network.

After add user by mobile app please manual syncronise to Crosschex Standard database.

The hardware will subject to the last setting between the Crosschex standard software, Mobile APP or in the hardware menu.

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Thank you very much for your reply Felix!

I didn’t fully understand the last point.

  • Let’s say that in the Mobile App i set up that M3Pro to require Card+PIN as identification.
  • After that, i add a user in Crosschex Standard with Only Card permissions.

What will happen then? The user won’t have access since he has no PIN?
Or that user will be able to access through that door just with the Card?

Thank you!

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Hi @albert ,

The device will take the last setting as reference. Following your example, if you create a new user by CrossChex Standard with only Card permissions, if you upload this new user individually to the M3 PRO, the user will be saved with only Card permissions…
(The other users won´t be affected)

This logic is also valid for the opposite side, which means, doesn´t matter where the new settings come from, it will be saved accordingly to what you´ve just set.

Let us know if we solved all your questions :smiley: