M7 - problem with reading card/tag

Hi ,

I have problem with anviz m7 device

Firmware version 06.62.M1
SN : 1590100021430039
Problem is reader.

When we want to scroll card or tag, reader don’t read it …

We tryed 6-7 new cards / tags but still same, same cards works on another devices…

We tryed restart, but still same problem…

Is there any new firmware for update on device or reader is dead ?

I’m sending video for better comunication

Download link for video : 0-02-05-ffd9fd66f606b97533882a32a34b61123697e78f71199b5f8666b5ea7abb07cf_a8ec70e2fc6458fe.mp4 | Files.fm.

BRs ,

Hi systechdoo,
Sorry for the inconvenience. I think it should be a hardware problem since there’s no option or firmware to enable or disable the card/tag reading function. In such a case, you may have to replace the reader module of your M7 by taking apart it. Do you think it’s a feasible solution?