Error 257 using write card button

I am try to create new users card but when I do click on “write card” on user screen (Crosschex standar) I get an error 257.
could any body help me

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Hello @Jose_Luis ,
This function only works with a few models by USB communication, this error means that the reader/Anviz model device you have is not compatible with it.

I have two alternative suggestions for you:

  1. Enroll RFID card number manually on the same field “write card” option is:

Example, I have a ANVIZ Card with the complete number 0004700258 071,47202
In this field, I will write manually the numbers 4700258

When I transfer this information to the machine, it will work accordingly.

  1. Enroll the cards manually on the terminal´s internal menu, then bring the user information to the software.

With that, you can continue editing user information by the software, then after complete, send it back to the machine to make everything synchronized.

Hope this suggestions can be useful to you. :smiley:

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thanks a lot.

Is it posible write card using the device, like save the FP.



Inside the device Menu, you proceed to enroll a new user, then insert the user ID you want to add or modify, then just swipe the card on the device. The card code will appear automatically


you can download your device´s quick guide on our website, it shows the step by step for you in details for your specific model.

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