Not displayed the 1st external ID and 2nd external ID when I exporting employee information

When the employee has additional information, I fill that in the fields of the 1st and 2nd external ID. When I export the employee information to CSV, that employee does not appear in the document.

Hi Nico

Could you please share some screenshots so we can check this issue in details?


@Sarah_Anviz do you have some idea about how could be the problem?

Hi @nico ,
Sorry for all the inconvenience. They can be exported in the report now. Could you please try it again?

I have test the function of export. Exporting to excel is still a bit of a problem, you may want to look at it again. Exporting to txt/csv is good.

在 2023-11-22 03:13,Sarah_Anviz via Anviz Community 写道:


Sorry for that. It’s fixed. Please have a try.