Renaming an employee changes already stored punches

Hi, since we are often requested to change the card id assigned to the employees, we add users to Crosschex Cloud assigning to them, as the Employee Id, the same number of the card Id, so that we can quickly search for the specific user given his card.
For each employee , his user id and his card number will always be equal.

Whenever a rfid badge, i.e. a card number, switches employee we delete the existing user that previously had the card and we add a new user with the same ID and card number as before, but of course with different names, job title etc…

Crosschex cloud handles rather well this use case:
if a user (user1) punches with an ID, the user gets deleted and then, afterwards, a newly created user (user2) with the same ID punches, the records in the cloud will correctly be:
user1 ID [first puch]
user2 ID [second punch].
So it’s possible to distinguish the 2 punches.

HOWEVER that does not work the same on the local records of the devices.
In the previous instance, the records on the device (not cloud) will be:
user2 ID [first puch]
user2 ID [second punch].
So according to the local records it would be like the user2 punched 2 times, which of course is incorrect.

That’s a problem since we often export the records from the device locally, not through the cloud.

Thanks for the reading, let me know if I haven’t been clear

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Thanks @l.stramenga for your contribution.

I´ll ask my colleague @Sarah_Anviz to check with our R&D team about that.

Thanks Sarah!

Hi @l.stramenga ,

Can you share the company ID of your cloud? We’ll check.

Here it is: 210000369

Hi @l.stramenga ,

I confirmed with our R&D that an ID is a user. Only ID matters. It is how Anviz device works. We would suggest you use different ID for different users.