What is the "Company Unique Code" when you first login

When a user registers for an account and logs in for the first time, intellisight asks the user to fill in the details and one of them is the “company unique code”. What does this mean?


Here I will introduce the intellisight’s account management rules first.

  1. A company has only one administrator account and multiple general user accounts.
  2. The administrator account has all rights, including IPC add, delete, configuration, and general user account management. And it can’t be deleted.
  3. The admin account can assign the corrsponding previlege to the general user accounts according to they need. the previlege list as shown below.

Live — allows to check the live video stream
save photo/video — allows to save photo/video to local computer.
intercom — allows to intercom between IPC and computer.
Pan/Tilt/Zoom — allows to control the IPC view angle on intellisight.
Playback — allows to playback videos stored on built-in SD card or NVR.
Event — allows to review the event pictures and videos from cloud.
E-Map — allows to use e-map feature.
Device configure — allows to setup device.
Message/Log — allow to check the system message and log files.

  1. Administrator and normal users have different login interfaces, which can be switched in the upper right corner of the login interface.

  2. This is normal user account login interface as shown below.

  3. The first fill in the blank is the “company unique code”. This code is used to log in to a normal user account. This code is recommended to be abbreviated with the company name. Of course, you can use other letters as well, as long as they are easy to remember.