CrossChex Cloud #6 – How to Log In as an Employee

Hi there,

Welcome to our sixth tutorial about the Anviz CrossChex Cloud!

The main objective of this tutorial is to teach you how to configure your employees to have access to their own Log In page.

In the employee´s account, each employee will be able to check his/her own records and detailed timesheet information, apply for manual records in case they forget clocking In or clocking Out, request for early leaves or overtimes, and much more!

Please stay tuned at the next tutorials, we will teach you all the relevant features of Anviz CrossChex Cloud, so you and your team can enjoy the best experience of our Cloud based Time Attendance Solution. Let´s start!

Before proceed with the Employee Account creation, you´ll need at least to have created a CrossChex Cloud account as an admin, also have added at least one employee at your account. We´ve created some guides to help you with those previous steps, feel free to have a look in there and come back later if you´re not ready yet:

CrossChex Cloud #1 - Creating a New Account

CrossChex Cloud #5 - Add a New Employee

Assuming we´ve done those steps, let´s take a look on the General Log In Page:

At the red selected area, you can see two Log In methods, Admin and Employee. At the end of this guide, we will understand how to use Employee Log In side, but first, let´s log in with our Admin Account and move to the Employee Page:

At this example, we will create a Log In page to our Employee ID #2, Johnny Ding. Passing the mouse through his selected area you´ll find an Edit Button at the bottom, please click it:

Since the employee is already created (remember we detailed the previous steps at CrossChex Cloud #5), we can move straight to the Step #3Role Settings :

At Role Settings, we will define which kind of user/employee Johnny Ding will be at our system, and in his own CrossChex Cloud account. We have some options to explore:

• Inactive – Choosing this option Johnny will be a simple employee, without an own log in page or Crosschex Cloud account to check his records and apply for manual records.

• System Admin – Choosing this option the employee will have System Administration rights. In other words, he will have same permissions as the CrossChex owner account.

• Supervisor (Custom Role) – The selected employee will have customized permissions, according to what you have set at Role and Supervisor settings.
Please check CrossChex Cloud #8 – How to Add Supervisors for more details

• Employee – That´s our target for this tutorial, with this role, Johnny will continue to be an employee, but will have his own log in page to check his previous records, timesheets and also apply for manual records. Let´s choose this one.

A password field will be opened, you can fill with it a simple password and share it to the employee in advance, he/she will be able to modify it as soon as he/she logs into his/her account. In this example I will fill Johnny´s password with 12345 and click Next.

Next page is regarded to Schedule Settings , since it´s not our target this time, let´s just click Confirm to save settings. (we explain the Schedule Settings in CrossChex Cloud #10 – How to Schedule and Assign Working Shifts)

That´s it! We´ve set our employee his own Log In page, let´s test before sharing it officially with him. Coming back at the General Log In page (you can log off your admin account, or just open a new browser tab) we will see the following info:

Company ID : It´s your Cloud Account number, the same one we´ve used when adding a new device. You can always check it at the Settings of your admin/owner account, here is our example:

Employee ID : It´s the Employee specific ID we´ve set when creating a new employee. At pictures B and C of this guide, we can identify our example Johnny Ding is employee ID 2.

Password: It´s the password we set for Johnny, right after Picture F (12345). Remembering this is a temporary password, Johnny will modify it right after logging in oficially.

Now that we have all the information, our example employee log in will be like this:

Clicking Sign In and… Voilà! We´re logged in as an Employee! :smiley:

Feel free to explore the Employee page before sharing with your employees.

Please also instruct them to change their password by clicking their name on the right side and then Modify Password :


We´ve understood and configured how the Employee Log In works, each employee will have access to his/her own information, any other employee will be able to see it, only assigned supervisor(s) and system administrator(s), which gives total privacy for the employee to check his clock In and clock Out records, check timesheets and scheduled working calendar, apply for early leaves or overtimes, request for manual records in case forgetting to clock In or clock Out, etc.

In case employee loose or forget his/her password, you can always come back at the Employee page as the owner/admin account and edit the referred user, repeating the steps we´ve described previously in this tutorial to add a new temporary password.

Enjoy your CrossChex Cloud! :smiley: