A&T Internal Backup Battery

Is there any reason upgraded Anvize A&T Devices aren’t coming with an internal battery?

Hi @Safe-Network ,
May I know which type of device you are using and the serial number ?

Dear Shanon,
please keep it simple!

There are no upgraded versions of Anviz A&T devices with internal batteries,
such as: Anviz EP300 Pro /A350 4G

As installers, we are well aware of the significance of the backup battery, and on the other hand, Ups Backup Powerers come at an additional cost.

More Details Please Contact Anviz Manufacturer , Actually we need Product with Battery Backups


Hi @Safe-Network ,

Thank you for your information.
As your need is the Battery Backup, we have EP300PRO MAX which has batteries inside.
If you need , you could contact our sales for more information about this device.

Best Regards,
Shannon Xiang

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