ANVIZ C2Pro powering / triggering a Klaxon or Sounder

We are transitioning a number of clients from Timeware to Anviz terminals however we need to either control/Trigger/power an external Sounder/Klaxon to go off at pre set break times. Can anyone suggest a solution to allow this or recommend any products that would link to C2Pro to do this any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

@jaybyjay I have replied to your ticket with below suggestions:

C2 Pro can be connected with external sounder or Klaxon with Ring function we do have in C2 Pro. Kindly follow below steps:

  1. Configure C2 Pro relay output to Ring option. Go to Device - Advance Setup - Access Setup - Relay Output Mode → Ring (Screenshot)

  2. Connect Ringer or Sounder to C2 Pro on NO connection.

  3. Configure C2 Pro with Ring times from CrossChex Standard Ring option. (Screenshot)

Hope this will help you to setup your external ringer. Many thanks.

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