Can´t download CloudMove tool

Hi there!

I´m trying to move from CrossChex Standard to Cloud. I’ve read the tutorial and states that we need to download CloudMove tool (CloudMove.exe). However, when I hit the link, a Google Drive error page stating that such file is not longer available.

Where we can donwload this tool from?

Thanks in advance for your help!!

Hi @sibit33,

Which version of CrossChex Standard are you using?
I ask this because the CloudMove tool has been a part of the CrossChex installation package for some time.
If you’re using CrossChex V4.x.x I recommend you to download the latest installer (V4.3.17.2) and update your system. After update you’ll find the latest CloudMove.exe file in the installation folder.

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Hello @tibor!!!

Manyt thanks for your feedback! Yes, worked that way. However, just in case anyone else read this post, let me add that at this moment, lastest installer version (as today 04/16/23) installs version V4.3.15. If you try to run CloudMove.exe from that version won´t work!

So you have to manually update to V4.3.17 by going TWICE to Help → Updates. First time will update to version 4.3.16 and then, the second time you run it, will update to 4.3.17.

Then you run CloudMove.exe and yes, works fine!

Finally let me add that this is the first and the LAST time I recommend Anviz to our customers. I’ve written 4 (FOUR) times to support, no answer have been received so far. It is completely UNACCEPTABLE!!! We were able to progress installation as per your comment otherwise would be waiting for their support.

Thanks one more time for your comment!