CrossChex Stantard to Cloud EU - Data Migration

Good morning,

I have managed to transfer the complete data of my company, from CrossChex Standard to cloud US, but the option does not appear, and I have updated to the latest version.

another question,

Can I delete all the records of an account?

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Hi @asanchez

The Cloud Move file from the latest CrossChex Standard version ( already includes the EU Server option:

I separated a download link here, please download and copy it on your software installation path:

Yes, you can delete from CrossChex Std before migrating, or if you want to delete them from cloud server, please create a ticket informing your cloud account ID (the log in e-mail must be the same as the creation of the ticket), our internal team will clean it for you.

After downloading the application, and replacing the previous one, the option still doesn’t come out,

Do I have to modify something else?

Did you restarted the software before trying again?

Can you send a screenshot when you click at Cloud Server option?

cloud moveb

I also suggest you uninstall your existing software and install the newer version directly to our website, I noticed you have

And my existing one is

Here is a direct link:

I have restarted the computer

I don’t know why it doesn’t come out

Please try uninstalling your existing version and installing the (check my previous comment)

Hi @Leonardo_Anviz ,

The CrossChex version doesn’t warn the user about a new version.
When you click on Help->Upgrades the popup window shows: “No new version.”
It would be fine to fix it.

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Well noted @Tibor , will arrange that with internal team : ) thanks

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