Cannot connect to T@A machine

Hi, I connected my new ep300pro via lan. I set the correct gate, default mask. The IP responds correctly to ping. At the same ip I can safely access the device control. In the “search” module of crosschex St. it is found. I’ll add it. But if I try to synchronise here is the message: “Can Not connect to the TA machine”.
What can it be?
I tried to connect it with crosschex cloud, it works. However, I would like to set it up and use it on crosschex standard.

Thank you

Hello, friend

Please note that you have to make sure the device ID on the device and the Standard are the same. Also please check on the device menu, to see if you have chosen the right network mode.

You can find the device on the program, which means that the two are under the same LAN.

If the attempts still fail, please send your anydesk account to support@anviz.coom, and we will offer remote help for you.