Migration from a server to another

Hello, is it possible to migrate all the data from a crosschexcloud server (in our case cn.crosschexcloud.com) to another (eu.crosschexcloud.com)

As data we mean employee, records, devices and the (companyID, password) pair that must be filled in on the devices cloud connection menu.
The latter is particularly important since, otherwise, it would be necessary for us to manually change those settings in each device that is currently installed and being used and our company has devices distributed across all the country.

@l.stramenga please inform us your Cloud Account ID, as well as confirm if you want migrate from cn server to eu server,

With your confirmation I will check with my internal team if we can migrate it from server side.

Best Regards

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Here’s the Company ID:

Let me know if it’s possible and what operations do we have to perform in order to do so (if any).

Anyway, if it is indeed possibile, I kindly ask you not to start the migration yet since we still have to discuss the possibility with the direction in order to proceed.

Thank you,
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Hi @l.stramenga

I checked with our team internally , unfortunately it is not possible because the servers work in a independent mode since they are in different locations.

If you need the complete migration, a suggestion is to combinate CrossChex Standard to do it.

  1. Download CrossChex Standard and transfer all the users and records from the hardware to the Standard software

  2. Create a new account on EU CrossChex Cloud Server

  3. Use Cloud Move to transfer all the data from CrossChex Standard to European CrossChex Cloud Server

Here is a FAQ about Cloud Move:

For the CrossChex Standard, I suggest the 4.3…17.2 version, available here:


Hi, thanks for the answer.

How do we accomplish the step one of your list?

On the page you’ve sent it’s written the procedure to migrate FROM CrossChex standard TO crosschex cloud, operation that we would do at the end.

How do you instead migrate FROM crosschexcloud (cn.crosschexcloud) To CrossChex standard instead?

To migrate to CrossChex Standard, you need to install the software I sent you on the google drive link above, and after you instal it, you can connect the Anviz hardware you have in there, then download all the users and records.

This information goes to the CrossChex Standard database, which will be transferred to the new CrossChex Cloud server with the Cloud Move tool (steps on the FAQ link)