Integrating both CrossChex Cloud and Standard

I was wondering, can both CrossChex Standard and Cloud be used by the VF 30 Pro?

If i configure both IP LAN for CrossChex Standard and IP for Cloud in VF 30 Pro, can both be used at the same time, or VF 30 Pro doesn’t support dual connections at once?

Hi @ViKtor,

Yes, connections are working parallel but you have to chose one of them as a T&A system.
The cloud services are limited but the PC software has much more functions, options to handle T&A. You have to decide which one of them meets the requirements of the company. And you can migrate the database of CrossChex Standard anytime to cloud if you want to use CrossChex Cloud only.
My experience that several of our customers are using CrossChex Standard and parallel the Cloud which allows the head of a department, for example, to check remotely the employee records from anywhere at anytime.

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It is possible but must be very careful when transferring data between both solutions.

For example:

When you connect device with the cloud for the first time, the cloud ERASES all users and records information from the hardware, so if you don’t have a backup, you may have problems.

Also, if you create an user from the desktop software, you cannot transfer the user to the cloud.

In short words, desktop and cloud software were not projected to be used together, it is possible but you need to be very careful to avoid mixing databases or loosing records/users.


Thank you so much for this information.

Now you just opened my eyes, there was this day, i connected a VF30 Pro, and it erased everything. Now i know why.

I guess the second point that you enlighted me with, that users can’t be added from the CC Standard to Cloud, well that would bring problems i think.

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