Edit missing clocking of Employee

Is there an way for administrator to edit mist puns clocking for Employee
Because there is a foreman at every work who can and may adjust the worked hours digitally and not the Employees themselves.
And it happens too often that the Employees clocks in but has not clocked out and then things go wrong!
Thank you very much and we look forward to hearing from you.
We have a project with more than 9 clocks in different locations!
Best regards: Alan ACI.

Hi @aci-beveiliging ,
If employees only clock in but not clock out, they can log in as employee to check their clocking status and submit requests for the missing clocking. The missing clocking will be added after approvement from admin/supervisor.
You can find the reference guide of how to add records here.

good morning to you all.
I think you have not read the text correctly, yes we know that the employee can create it himself, but is there a possibility that I as an admin can do that for my staff.
This is because the staff regularly forgets to clock in and they are people who have no knowledge of computers, so they are going to find a solution in the Crosscheck.Cloud
Pleas late me know if it is possible
Tanks an best regards
Alan ACI.

Hi @aci-beveiliging,

I faced similar problem at one of my customers.
The solution was the CrossChex Cloud APP because every employee had a smartphone.
Using the app the employees can send request to admin very simple way.
I recommend to try this solution.

Hi Tibor
Yes that would be nice, only the I phone ap is not ready yet most of them have I Phone and yes it does not work, but why can’t the system administrator just adjust the times at Personnel That also happens with salary administration! in accounting package
Now they have a clock system and the administrators can’t change anything!
We are talking about 13 Locations in the Netherlands and big administration
So yes, a lot can go wrong there.