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CrossChex Cloud is a cloud-based time and attendance management system without any software needed. You can use it anywhere you’ve got internet by using any internet browser. CrossChex Cloud is a super quick setup and easy to use system dedicated to saving your business money through employee time management, reducing administrative costs of time and attendance data collection and processing, thereby increasing overall productivity and profitability.

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Hi there!

You can use our CrossChex Cloud #0 - Summary for reference. It contains all our existing guides to teach and demonstrate specific features, also the roadmap for the next scheduled content. :smiley:

hello, cannot set the shifts and schedule. There is problem with times and days schedule. If I set shift time after next log in there is still back default time 9:00 to 17:30. Also if I schedule days for the employee there is diferent days of shifts in employee log in access. I have EP30 hardware machine.

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Hi @3kdochazka , can you please let us know your region and timezone? We can schedule a remote session to check it together.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hi Leo, I been having kind of the same issues than 3K after the new update. ¿Could you give me a hand?

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Hi @juansimonelli , sorry I didn’t receive a notification of your message… Do you still have this issue? please e-mail me at leonardo.ribeiro@anviz.com with the details!

Thanks and sorry for the delay

Leo, I am sorry, I missed this one, I found a bug on the Cloud when you try using a date format dd/mm/yyyy. Only works well when you use the mm/dd/yyyy

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Hi @juansimonelli !

Could you please give me the detailed steps of this bug? I mean, how to reach it.

I will reproduce the tests at my side to report R&D about it.

Thank you in advance!

Just put on config, the format dd/mm/yyyy and then try to schedule a shift on the calendar, you will see that the system messes up with the mm/dd/yyyy.

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Ah Leo, and I did find another bug in the general calendar when your schedule Saturdays, if you want, I can send you some print of the bug.

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Hi Juan,

Here are my tests:

Set the CrossChex Cloud as MM/DD/YY on Settings > General > Time Format :

Regular shift created:

Scheduling it for next week as a test to my employee #3 :smiley:

It seems to be scheduled correctly:

I´ve noticed the date in the calendar hasn´t changed to DD-MM , it keeps MM-DD, but the scheduling was fine…

Let me know your comments about it, if this is the bug you´re refferring to or if it´s there something else, after our final conclusion I will report R&D team to fix it.

Thanks in advanced :smiley:

About the saturday bug, I did the tests here and found the same results, thanks for sharing! I´ll let R&D guys know it immediately

Exactly what you pointed out, the calendar still in MM-DD, and if you click on a date it uses DD-MM format, that´s why I change to MM-DD, cause my employee were trying to schedule the shift in the calendar and due to this they couldn’t. (Cause the system was putting the shift on a DD-MM, example, they were trying to load the shift on the 10-may (10/05) and ended up on the 5 of October (05/10). This is didn’t happen before the update

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Let me give you one more tip here, if you go to Employee / Edit / Schedule settings, you can see that the shift on Saturday is active, but the general calendar is not showing it. Hope this is useful in somehow

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Very useful, thanks for the detail, I did the same tests here, happened just like you mentioned. I´ll report both bugs and give a feedback on it as soon as possible!