Downloading Records taking a very long time after Upgrade/Update

I have upgraded CrossChex Standard to it’s latest v4 (v4.3.17.2), and upgraded VF30 to VF30 Pro as well, but right now, it takes extremely longer to Download All Records, or Download Records.

Is this normal?

Also, when i upgrade to v5, will it also be this long when downloading records?

Hi @ViKtor,

How many records are stored in your devices? Is it close to the capacity of the LOG?

A lot sir, the device has been fixed since 2017. So i believe there are a lot of records. Before update/upgrade, the records were downloaded faster than right now.

Also, is there a manual way or via USB to Download Records?

Hi Viktor
Since the VF30 doesn’t have USB port for flash driver so it’s not possible to transfer records via a flash driver.

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