Downloading Record for VF30 in CrossChex v4.3.17.2

Since i upgraded and installed CrossChex Standard from v4.1 to v4.3.17.2, the following started to happen:

  1. Downloading New Records fromVF30, before, it pulled the records just fine, but right now it gives an error, “Read the Records Failed!”,
  2. Downloading Records now is taking extremely longer time than before.

I can’t download records from VF30, and i need to download records so that i upgrade the Bio Modules.

Would someone please assist with this situation and provide a resolve?

Hi @Viktor,

Earlier you wrote that the device is a VF30 Pro and not a VF30. Is it the same VF30 Pro?
If yes, can you tell me the firmware and the kernel version of the device?

So, Chief.

It’s like this, i am out rolling VF30 Pro devices in an organization which was using VF 30 Devices.

So, so far i have changed four VF30 to VF30 Pro.

On Friday, everything was going okay, including downloading new records, downloading all records, and downloading records for a specified period of time. Additionally, all these functions, they were quick.

Today, Monday, to pull records takes longer than previously, and i can’t download all records, and download records for VF30 Devices. It either gives me an error of “Read the Records Failed” or "Device Doesn’t Support Functionality Error (i might have put it wrong, but i mentioned that the functionality is not supported by the device(.

Snippet of “Read the records failed”


Device Has No Function Error, snippet


Hi @ViKtor,

Yes, it’s strange. Our checklist in situation like this is as follows:

  • restarting the units and the corresponding routers/switches on LAN and after that restarting of CrossChex software,

  • checking the firmware of the devices and upgrading to the latest version if necessary,

  • resetting the devices to factory defaults and restarting them.

That is the thing, i can’t reset these devices (VF30) to factory defaults, since they contain T&A Data that i need.

Will restart the devices and see how it goes, @Tibor but again, thank you very much for the guidance.

I am almost done upgrading the entire lot to VF30 Pro.

Also, will check their Firmware. By the way, is updating the firmware in the Manual?

Here you can find everything (firmware and guidance of uprgade):
In case of VF30 Pro: first upgrade the firmware and after the kernel (on the same way as if it were a firmware file).