VF30-N - Access more than one device


We have two VF30-N devices.

One in 1st floor, and another one in the 6º floor.

we are using CrossChex (V5.0.2.0) to manage the devices, but we have one question/issue.

For example, at this moment, if I create a fingerprint access in the 1st floor, I can’t give permission to the guy to have access to the 6º floor. I need to go to 6º floor and give access.

This is normal? What I’m doing wrong? This device is not compatible?

Pedro Antunes

Hi @Pedro.antunes

You have to “Set Privilegie” for this user, to be able to use both devices.

I have a video showing how do it on a previous crosschex standard version, the layout is a little bit different now, but it can give you some idea about what you need:

let me know if you were able to do it :smiley:


At this moment I have another issue… lol

The button “Download Users” disappeared on the last version.

To create users, we are creating directly on the device… But for now, after add the new user in the device, we can’t see In the crosschex.

you may find it on Device Tab

you can download users from that part too

The machine is updating for now. I will try later.

But one question:

For example, if in the 1st floor I create an user with id3.

After that, we have new user and I will create on 6ºfloor… Is supposed to id be 4, right?

How the device of 6º floor knows that the id 3 already exists?

The server already started. I have no option to download new users/templates.

When I’m saying download users, I’m trying to say: “I create a new user in the device, with fingerprint, and I can’t see it in the crosschex”.

you have to transfer it with the Backup User button

the user is not transferred automatically

I´ll install version 5 here and screenshot you how to do it

Thanks for your reply. Is possible to schedule a quick call?

Please call our support phone

+1 844 268 4948 , then look for the technical support extension, our technical team will be able to support.

Please take in consideration they work under PST time zone (UTC -8)

At this moment, the number is unavailable.

I can’t “download users”. do you know what can be happening? How can I troubleshoot?

The number is at duty time now, you can have a try

This is happening because the device is not being found by software, it can be regarded to network issues, please review if their network address are in the same range as the computer where the software is installed.

Make sure they also have different IDs between each other.

But the devices are online…

lets schedule a remote session for early next week.
Please let me know your time zone, and email, I will send you a proposal with a remote invitation


My zone is GMT. The email is pantunes@suroot.pt.

Many thanks,
Pedro Antunes

Hi Again,

I reinstall the CrossChex from scratch, and at this moment I’m using SQL Server…

I already can “download users”, but now, I have the error “access violation”.

Ola Pedro, te enviei um e-mail para darmos sequencia ok


Temos 3 device groups, cada group tem 1 device.

Temos 3 departamentos.

Como conseguimos fazer para as pessoas do departamento A só acederem ao device 1, e as pessoas do departamento B acederem ao device 2?

Outra questão, ao criar um utilizador pela aplicação, não conseguimos registar o fingerprint.

Fica neste estado, e não aparece nada no dispositivo.

Pedro Antunes