How do i Manually Upgrade/Update CrossChex Standard

Greetings, i came into a company/organization that is using CrossChex Standard v4.3.0.0, i want to manually upgrade it, steadily, with versions above, and not just jump to CrossChex v5.

Can anyone provide any guidance?

Hi @ViKtor,

The version v4.3.0.0 is about 6 years old, so, before you migrate to V5 I recommend to check which type of devices are installed at the company. It’s important because there’s the possibility that the company have some old devices which aren’t already supported by CrossChex V5.
Anyway, I suggest to do the following steps:

  • make a backup of the actual database in V4.3.0.0,

  • install CrossChex V4.3.17.2 (you can find it in Anviz downloads),

  • copy the backup database file to the “DB” directory of the newly installed CrossChex software and after that start CrossChex.

Hey @Tibor,

Yes, it’s and i am doing my best to Upgrade it to the latest version. I came into an organization and found that they are using a legacy version. Want to upgrade to the latest one, before i shift entirely to v5.

  • Recently, i requisitioned for VF30 Pro, which i am sure can support v5.

  • Also, i upgraded the v4 up until v4.3.17.0, and whenever i hit the “Upgrade” Option, it says “No Newer Version”, how can i get that v4.3.17.2 version?

  • Also, i am getting an error of “Back-up Database Failed” whenever i hit the “Backup Database”. How can i resolve this? See the snippet below, please.


Hi @ViKtor,

Unfortunately, the latest version is only downloadable from Anviz Download page (I asked it in another topic to solve this update bug of v4.3.17.0). Here’s the link: CrossChex v4.3.17.2.

When the backup failed it means that there’re problems with the database (corrupt).
You can find several tools to repair an MS Access database on internet. My experince is it can help in most cases. Here’s an example:
Let me know if it helped.

Which DB do i pick, the one that is in “DB” Folder within “Anviz” Folder, or its backup?

Thank you in advanced, for your guidance and time in responding to my queries.

Also, the installation, if i install it, it will upgrade/update, rather than overwrite the current installed CrossChex, correct?

Use the database found in “DB” directory.
If the repair was successful (try to make backup) I recommend to remove the old software and make a clear installation of v4.3.17.2.

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This worked perfectly and eveverything was retained.

Made a copy of DB Folder in the CrossChex Local/Server Folder, uninstalled the application and made a clean installation and put back the copied DB to its original location.

Voila, it worked.

Thanks @Tibor

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Thanks for your feedback!
It was a pleasure to help you!

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