How to Enter Device Menu When You Forget Password

This is a detailed guide for how you can do to enter the device menu when you forget your password.

There are 2 situations and please choose the guide that works for your case.

Situation 1:
—When your device can be connected to the software CrossChex Standard—

  • Step 1. Connect your device to the software and test if it’s connected successfully.

    If they have been connected, you can skip this step.

    If not,please follow these steps:

① Connection via the TCP/IP model. Run the CrossChex, and click the ‘Add’ button, then the ‘Search’ button. All available devices will be listed below. Choose the device that you want to connect to the CrossChex and press the ‘Add’ button.

② Click the ‘Synchronize Time’ to test and make sure the device and CrossChex are connected successfully.

(If you’re still confused by the above steps,you can check the video guide here. How To Add Devices in CrossChex )

  • Step2. Change the password.

CrossChex → Device → Device Parameter → Management password → OK

Situation 2:
—When your device can’t be connected to the software CrossChex Standard—

Input ‘000015’ and press ‘OK’. A few random numbers will pop up on the screen. For security reasons, please send those numbers and the device serial number to the Anviz support team ( We will provide technical support after receiving the numbers. (Please DO NOT turn off or restart the device before we provide technical support.)

(If the keypad is locked, input “‘In’ 12345 ‘Out’” and press ‘OK’ to unlock the keypad first. Then follow the above steps)