I can't add administrators

I am trying to add a new administrator to the platform, but I do not have the option as there was before to be able to do it, I have tried to do it by adding a new employee user and giving him a custom role, but the email never arrives to the employee to accept as before, and if I try to enter directly with the mail and the key that I placed in the employee’s record, tells me that the email has not been registered.

Hi @sistemas , I´ll be testing according to the way you´ve mentioned and give you a feedback as soon as possible.

It´s also on my plans for this week to complete the Supervisor Role tutorial, I´ll send you a message here as well once I finish it.


As we have new function about the employee can be login to the system by employee ID and password. The new administrator account do not need active by mail. The new administrator you have created just login to the cloud system same as employee.
Please refer to the How to log In as an Employee

After login in the cloud system by user ID and password. Please check the top right corner

You will see the employee already have administrator rights.

Thanks for your using CrossChexCloud.

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Hey @sistemas , here is the complete tutorial as promised :smiley:

CrossChex Cloud #8 – How to Add Supervisors

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