CrossChex Cloud #8 – How to Add Supervisors

Hi there,

Welcome to our eighth tutorial about the Anviz CrossChex Cloud!

The main objective of this tutorial is to understand how to create customized roles for your users or employees. This is a very interesting tool that will allow you to give specific permissions for a manager or a supervisor for example, with his/her own CrossChex Cloud account!

Before proceed with the Supervisors topic, you´ll need:

• To have created a CrossChex Cloud account as an admin
• Enroll at least one user/employee at your account.

We´ve created some guides to help you with those previous steps, feel free to have a look in there and come back later if you´re not ready yet:

CrossChex Cloud #1 - Creating a New Account

CrossChex Cloud #5 - Add a New Employee

Please stay tuned at the next tutorials, we will teach you all the relevant features of Anviz CrossChex Cloud, so you and your team can enjoy the best experience of our Cloud based Time Attendance Solution. Let´s start!

We´ll split this tutorial in two parts. First is creating a new role, second is to assign the new role to an user/employee.

Part One – Creating a new Role

After logging in your CrossChex Cloud account, click at Settings at the main tab, then Role:

This is where we´ll create customized user groups, we can add ad many as we want. Click ADD at the right side. In our example, we´ll create a supervisor with full Human Resources control, in other words, he/she will be able to manage employees, shifts and reports, but won´t be able to manage devices or departments:

The Notes field is only for user reference, to describe in a few more details if necessary, what is the purpose for this specific role.

After clicking Confirm , we´ll see the new Role on the list:

At the right side, of each added role we can:

Edit: Change role´s name and add or modify internal comments (Notes).

Delete: Delete existing role.
Attention: Make sure there is not any user assigned with this role, otherwise you may not be able to delete it.

Settings: This is where we select the role permissions. Let´s click it:

To our HR manager, I´m setting the following permissions:

With that, all my HR managers (yes, it can be more than one user with same role!) will be able to manage employees and all the features regarded to time attendance settings and reports. Clicking Confirm we´ve finished the first part of this tutorial. :smiley:

Second part is to assign the specific role to a new or already existing user.

Part Two – Assigning Role to Users/Employees

Important: Depending on your web browser, I recommend you to REFRESH your page before proceed, this will make sure all the recent modifications will be seen in the next steps.

At the main tab, let´s move to Organization , then Employee:

If you´re modifying an existing user/employee, you can select him/her then click Edit . If you´re adding a new one, you can use our CrossChex Cloud #5 - Add a New Employee tutorial as reference.

I´ll create a new user for my example, and move forward up to the Step 3 – Role Settings

At the bottom we´ll see our recently created role, so let´s select HR Manager . If you´re not seeing your customized role, first make sure you´re saved It correctly at Part One , then refresh your browser page using F5 and try again.

At Password field, you can fill with it a simple password and share it to the user in advance, he/she will be able to modify it as soon as he/she logs into his/her account.

The Dept. can be used in case this employee/user will have permissions for a specific department only.

After filling it accordingly, click Next and finish the enrollment proceed, in this example, we´ll have a new added user after all:

Notice that we´re adding the user ID 3 , we´ll need it at the user log in page.

Time to log in as the Supervisor! Before log off your admin account, check your Company ID number at Settings:

Now let´s log out as admin and log in as the new created user. At the log in page, please select Employee mode, then fill it with your Company ID, Employee ID, and Employee Password, here is our example:

Almost there! By clicking Sign In, we´ll be logged at user Employee page, to use the supervisor features, we need to switch from Employee Mode to Admin Mode. For that, click on the user´s name at the right side, then Switch role to admin:

Voilà! We´re logged now with the Supervisor permissions! :smiley:

Check the difference at the main tab!
The user will be able to switch between Supervisor and Regular employee anytime if necessary.

Now you´ve learned how to create and manage different kinds of customized roles, as well as assign them to as many users as you may need, congratulations! :smiley:

Enjoy your CrossChex Cloud!


Dear Leonardo.
We did experience a problem when logging in a Staff member.
They can change to admin and log in as admin but can’t download XML file the option is blocked somewhere works fine if one logs in as administrator please help how to solve T&A is on in account settings of Staff Member
best regards Alan ACI.
Staff can see all transactions at T&A reports in admin modes and if they want to download them, the bar remains at 0%

Hello @aci-beveiliging

Have you opened a trouble ticket already?

Please share these details as well as your server and account data to our technical team, they will help you step by step

Here I share the ticket form:

Best Regards

Good morning,
When I set up new role of “supervisor” and try to assign permissions, I am getting an error message X 23000. Can you explain what this means and what I need to do to correct it, please.

Hi @Sherrinn

Have you tried refreshing your browser and the problem persists?

Let us know where are you located, we can schedule a remote session if necessary.

Best Regards