Merging records of two Users in CrossChex


So, i have two separate user account in the CrossChex Standard but they are under the same Staff.

Is there a way for me to merge these account and their Time Attendance Records?

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Greetings @ViKtor

I believe it´s not possible to merge the database directly. However, you can import users and records from a system to another

in the user tab, there is a button to import/export users

and in the Data tab, there is a button to import/export records

I wish there was the “Merge” Function.

Also, another question, is there a way to change the User’s “Device ID” which is greyed out, and can’t be changed from the CrossChex?

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Hi Viktor

Unfortunately once you create a user with its ID, it cannot be changed.

Changing the user ID would result several conflicts in the software

but if you´re thinking about the migration, once you export the users to an excel file, you can change their ID in there, before importing to the other software.

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