Summary for Anviz Product's Firmware

Hi @Johnny_Anviz,

My customer wants to update the firmware of their M7 devices from v6.25 to the latest one (v6.62). But there’s no USB interface available (maybe inside but it’s filled with resin) . It’s an ST platform device so there’s no other way to do that. What do you recommend?

Hi Tibor,We have 2 Version mental frame for M7,new version has the hole for usb port the other one not ,I think the device you have is old one,it needs disassembling the device to upgrade.

Hi @Johnny_Anviz
i got a complaint from one of our clients he has Facepass7 for over a year now the when we check we find out the device stop accepting new user and taking reports since 20/12/2022

we tried to restart it many times with no result, finally after initialize the devise it back to normal

what causes this issue? devise a screenshot below
facepass7 error

Hello @Johnny_Anviz
I have tried to install via USB in the device the firmware indicated in this post for the C2 Pro model, but when pressing the update button it gives me the error: “Version error!” after a few seconds.

I previously updated the firmware of the device to the 03.12.A3_bright without any error during the process, this past summer a support agent from “anvizla” (latin america) gave me a link to dropbox where i downloaded it.

After doing the firmware update, when the device start (unplug and plug) always show an alert that says: Please update font! (This warning is a bit annoying but the device still working well and has more functionallity available via webserver, the cloud option was available from it after the update, thing that is preferable when configuring the device)

But now, one of our customers has found that the device cannot read the magnetic card identifier if they start with zeros (0).

I have made some tests with the device and checked that is true, when the magnetic card start with any number that is not zero the device recognize it and works well, otherwise it just ignores it, like if there isn’t a card in front of the device magnetic lector.

So my question is, could you please provide me the last functional firmware zip for the device ANVIZ C2 PRO? or at least, one where the cloud option can be accesible via webserver without this kind of bug?

I’ll be awaiting for a response, thanks a lot for your time.

How can i solove this issue ?

Hello, I am setting up several access controls for your gang but I have not been able to update any of them successfully. I have tried it with the following models:
VF30 pro
c2 Slim

I have tried following the instructions both from CrossChex and from the access control url. I download the .zip but in all cases it gives me Update Failed.
From the browser, even putting the forced mode does nothing with microsoft edge.
Could you please give me some indication of exactly what file I have to upload for the models provided?

Hello @hectortino,

First of all: the model VF20 is an ST platform device. So, you can’t use CrossChex or a browser to upgrade the firmware.
Please, follow the instructions found on this link (see above also):

The other 2 decives are Linux based. In this case you can use CrossChex or a browser to upgrade the firmware. Are you sure that you entered to the “forced upgrade mode” using MS Edge? Can you send a screenshot?

By the way, we tested the upgrade on all devices which you indicated (VF20, VF30 Pro, C2 Slim) and it worked fine.

Hi @Johnny_Anviz and @Leonardo_Anviz,
i have a VF30Pro (firmware 03.40.BN_dark), but without italian language (menu and voice)
Thereis an update for add italian language ?

Hi, for C2Slim for sxample, i enter in ip/up.html , put IN12345OUT and press on SetMode. Later, enter in Crosschex and make firmware update from this url: Dropbox - 03.16.AY_dark - Simplifica tu vida

But always get Updated Failed

Thank in advance

Hi @hectortino,

You can’t use a mix of Web interface and CrossChex Standard for firmware upgrade.
After enabling the forced upgrade mode enter the web interface of the device and go to “Advanced” → “Firmware upgrade”. Load the firmware file and click on “Upgrade” button. When finished check the version. It should work 100%.

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Please i need a firmware file for anviz vf30 pro devices. the one posted up above made my devices stop using wifi, currently only devices using wired lan are communicating with crosschex and those who work with wifi no longer have the wifi option available. treat as urgent pls.

Hi @sissohoibrahimkhalil,

Did you upgraded the Kernel too? You should do it after the firmware upgrade (the upgrade process is the same as if it would be a firmware file).


So, i was upgrading VF30 to the provided latest firmware, and it got stuck at “Upgrading” Screen on VF30. After sometime, i disconnected it from the power.

Plugged it back, and only blank screen on VF30 Module.

What do i do?

Hi @ViKtor,

The firmware upgrade has a very strict rule (for any device): never cut off the power during the process!
You should have waited.
I recommend you to submit a trouble ticket ( writing in details the issue.

How long does the Upgrading takes, because it stayed forever, just saying “Upgrading” on the VF30?

Hi @ViKtor,

Normally it takes within a minute.
Which way did you try to upgrade: CrossChex software or web interface?

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Upgrading of the VF 30 Device/Module, not the CrossChex.

I’m trying to be more specific: did you upgrade the firmware of VF30Pro using the CrossChex software or using the Web-interface?


Is the W1 Pro firmware valid for all versions of these devices?
I have 3 W1 Pro wifi+bat installations and each one has 1 version of firmware and i’m looking to bring them all to the same version.

Thanks and regards

Generally, if the device is produced after 2020, it is available in the listed version. I can check it for you if you share the serial number and firmware version.