View Total Work Hours As Employee

When I log in as an employee, I want to see the total number of hours I have worked for this week and this pay period.

Hi @matthew.pava , it is possible to be done using CrossChex Cloud. Are you already using it?

If so, please send an email to, or please call +1 855 266 4948 and choose support extension

Our technical team will guide you how to set it accordingly.

How does that work without using CrossChex Cloud?

In Europe, we often oppose to use a cloud system where the servers are at an unknown location outside Europe.


hello, Daniel

We understand your concern. But in order to know the attendance reports, you have to use either CrossChex Cloud or CrossChex Standard. Or if you want to use stand alone device, we also have available product. For example, Anviz CX3. For more information, you can contact our team.

Thanks, Sarah, for clarifying that CrossChex Standard can also be used, i.e., without cloud support. How would I see my weekly work hours using CrossChex Standard?

Dear Daniel,

After you set and assign the shift, you can select the proper time period (By week or by month) when export the attendance report.

Let us know if this meets your needs or you can contact us at

Best regards

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